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Jennifer Rivlin

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Atlanta, GA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


My greatest joy is helping leaders transform the way they live and lead so they - and their teams - are more engaged, creative, joyful, and successful.

I help leaders meet their most ambitious goals while building mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and high-performance habits. Through "Search Inside Yourself" leadership training and transformational leadership coaching, I help leaders move forward, fast.

I work from a perspective one may call awakened, enlightened, transformed, conscious - there are many names. Bottom line: you and all people can live win-win-win-win: with more joy, more success, more generosity, and more aligned with reality. Most of us live with profound misunderstandings that are "normal" but far from ideal, stemming from our negatively-biased brains.

What differentiates my coaching and training approach is that I stay grounded in science and the material world while working from an awakened perspective. In line with spiritual materialists such as Sam Harris and Michael Pollan, magic and woo-woo are not part of my approach. However, the truth is that there are still many mysteries about the Universe and our place in it.

However, we (scientists) do know a heck of a lot about human happiness, productivity, mental wellness, and behavioral change. We have the empirical knowledge and tools that help you live your best life. I know because I’ve changed my habits and mind and behavior 180º, in middle-age, and, as my husband says, “there’s never been a better Jennie.”

Are you ready for a better you?