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James White

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Cork, Irlande

Languages Offered

  • English


A bit about myself, James P White
I had been working and studying with various different types of mind / body types of therapies and healing since 2010. Having totally changed direction from being in the corporate environment working up to a senior management level, the decision to decide and move to study and train in a therapeutic role did not come easy. However, because of changes that made life more enjoyable and overcoming personal challenges the decision was made easier and the direction was clear, to pass on the learning, experiences and knowledge and help as many people as possible to do the same.
Having researched thoroughly and after much deliberation, having seen so many on-line training courses and weekend training courses, I chose to study and train with the ICHP and Dr Joseph Keaney which presented an in depth training course with full history and proven therapeutic techniques which only on full completion and supervision would then allow me to practice as a qualified therapist.  The ICHP also adheres to a stringent code of practice and code of ethics, in the same instance as any professional organization would, and adheres to all legislation as well. I have since beginning to study with the ICHP completed up to their Masters Degree Programme..
Since my new journey began in 2010 all the training and studying and practicing, finally paid off and having achieved both the proven academic and practice requirements to be fully licensed and insured, in 2014 API Clinic was formed and began to help others with their challenges. Since we began we have assisted successfully hundreds of clients using 1 to 1 personal therapeutic sessions and hundreds more have attended the various different workshops and training courses hosted by us. You can see some of their overall feedback on our Testimonial Page
I am so grateful to have found such an amazing way to help others and bring them a much brighter outlook and more wonderful experiences as they move forward with the changes that they chose which helped them turn life around for and assisted them achieve the goals they set for themselves and I look forward to many more years continuing to do this as it is not a job to me but it is my passion and I enjoy each and every moment of it.
I continue to grow in  my knowledge and experience and came across SIY by accident, I had been thinking for a while, about how I could put a program together that would be available to everyone, something that had scientific evidence, was clear, easy to follow and understand. A program that included mindfulness as a foundation which opened up the possibilities of beneficial change leading to a more peaceful life and this was it. I began studying with SIY in 2019 and became certified and am now certified teacher in the SIY leadership program.
The people I have met, whom are now friends, the support that SIY gives you is amazing and I highly recommend this program to anyone whom would like a glimpse into how you too can find more clarity and peace.

So my message to you if you are reading this is as follows,
"You can do it, You have the Power"