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Ibrahim Bokharouss

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Zürich, Switzerland

Languages Offered

  • Arabic, Dutch, English


As a certified Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence instructor, Ibrahim has trained thousands of professionals at organizations varying from Google and Sony to the United Nations, and from the African Development Bank to the ministries of the UAE.

As a former member of Google's Learning & Development team, Ibrahim has been responsible for both the creation and facilitation of various UX Design and Engineering courses. He was also responsible for training dozens of teams across the globe on the Design Thinking methodology.

Ibrahim has also worked for many years on making these courses, as well as entrepreneurial skills, available to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, delivering courses to youth in Palestine, Iraq, Cuba, and refugee camps.

Ibrahim's passion and commitment for personal development is primarily focused on helping people sustain their (inner) practice beyond workshops, in their actual lives, while also customizing it for their individual life context. Towards that, Ibrahim worked for the Product team of SIYLI, where he helped devise and design new ways of helping Search Inside Yourself participants sustain their practice and their inner work journey.

Growing up in a Dutch-Moroccan home of two clashing world-views, Ibrahim has always been intrigued by the universality of our human experience. What initially was explored through extensive traveling and sharing intimate life with people across continents and life paths, became explored from within, when he discovered tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in a Search Inside Yourself program in 2009. At that time Ibrahim worked at Google as a UX engineer.

SIY sparked him into a gradual journey of insights into the experience of the Self and the unity of the Whole, accumulating into a realignment of both his engineering and teaching role: Initiating mindfulness-based engineering projects at Google, while teaching Yoga, Meditation and Search Inside Yourself programs across the globe.

Across the means of creativity, engineering, teaching, and storytelling, Ibrahim derives joy from creating authentic, meaningful yet playful experiences, enabling and empowering people to unlock their full potential and thrive as individuals. And through that, for humanity to thrive as a whole.