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Hemant Bhanoo

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Austin, TX, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Currently building a technology company that connect meditators across the globe and helps them start, maintain, and deepen their practice.

As former VP of Product at SIYLI; worked on curriculum and platforms to support SIYLI's goal of creating a world where all people feel connected and act with compassion by making mindfulness and emotional intelligence practical and accessible.

Hemant is an engineer, entrepreneur, investor and adventurer. He has engineered at Amazon, Google and a startup, entrepreneured a few startups, and invested in several others. He quit his job as an engineer at Google in early 2015 to adventure the West Coast in an 88 VW campervan with his wife and two kids.

Hemant started meditating at a young age but only developed a regular meditation practice in the last decade. Whilst at Google he was lucky enough to facilitate SIY for coworkers in Tokyo, Dublin, London, and Mountain View, which was the most rewarding thing he has ever done. Since then he has taught at organizations all over the world.

Clients Include: