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Helen Tian

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Beijing, China

Languages Offered

  • Chinese, English


Helen Tian (田文捷), the first batch Chinese Certified Teachers (Chinese & English) for the “Search Inside Yourself” (SIY) international Mindfulness Leadership program, which was originated from Google, currently running in more than 100 cities around the world. She has been the Founder of “Oneness Culture Development Co. Ltd.” since 2007.

Helen is also one of the pioneering executive coaches in China and one of China’s first few Professional Certified Coach (PCC, since 2011) by the ICF. She is a sought-after independent bilingual executive leadership coach since 2007. She is also one of the first batch CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) Associate Coaches in China serving clients in Asia since 2012, as well as the first Chinese coach for many multinational companies.

Helen has been a leadership development professional in the last 23 years out of her 27 years of working experiences operating both as a full-time independent coach and as an in-house leadership expert and leader in leading American and European multi-national companies with diverse industry experiences and a strong international exposure. Her focused passion to assist world-class leaders to grow inside for a better world has given her the energy and influence to be a recognized executive coaching leader in China.

Helen provides SIY workshops, one-on-one and team coaching services to senior executives in both multinational and local companies, focusing on Mindfulness Leadership, Career Transitions, and Transformational Growth through raising Self-awareness /consciousness (incl. talent/strength development, Mindful-being state & Energy Management, etc.).

She has coached clients from a wide range of industries, including IT/Telecom, Internet/Media/ Publication, Financial Services/Investment Banking/Consulting, Pharmaceutical/ Chemical/ Medical Instruments, Auto/Aircraft/Manufacturing, FMCG/Luxury Goods, Hotel/Real Estate, Agriculture/New Energy/Environmental Protection, and Education/Training industry. Also an invited executive coach for AmCham Shanghai for its member companies. While the majority of her clients is from Greater China, she has also coached leaders from other countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam; Germany, France, Croatia; the US and Canada.

Since 2004 & 2006 respectively, she has also been coaching leaders from Peking University and BiMBA (Beijing International MBA of National School of Development at Peking University), now as the board member of BiMBA’s Career Mentor Advisory Board. Helen is also one of the pioneer coaches for Tsinghua University (since 2005), and Smith School of Business EMBA program, University of Maryland.

Helen’s passion for leadership development and her inside-out approach make her contributions work. Not only does she care about clients’ external goals and challenges, she also cares about their internal growth, mindful being state development, and their overall well-being. Also through discovering their motivations, dreams and passions, to assist them to grow inside and blossom outside, to realize their dreams, and obtain happy and fulfilling life and career!

Before operating independently, Helen had played essential organizational roles including:

* Head of Learning and Organization Development for AMD Asia Pacific,
* Head of Management and Organization Development for Kraft Foods Greater China,
* Leadership Development & Organization Capability Program Manager at IBM Greater China, also the Diversity/Female Advancement Leader for IBM Greater China, and
* HR Development Manager at SKF, the world largest bearing manufacturer.

Helen has an MBA from BiMBA (1st batch from 1998) by Peking University and Fordham University, NY. She is a certified leader for “Co-Active Coaching for Impact” in 2005, a certified coach by the NLP & Coaching Institute of California in 2006.  She was also certified to administer assessment tools such as:
HBDI, MBTI, PDP, WorkPlace Big Five, LEA 360 and LEA IDI (Individual Directions Inventory), Lominger Leadership Competencies and its application in 360 Voices, Interviewing & Team Architect, Hay Group “Managerial Style & Organization Climate” 360.

A Satir Family Therapist and an Environmental Therapist. And a certified NeuroTransformational coach to be.

Besides her daily mindfulness practices, Helen also learnt from the following teachers thru participating in the following mindfulness programs and retreats in the past 2.5 years since Dec 2016:

* Jon Kabat-Zinn from MIT ~ MBSR & Mindfulness Teacher Retreat, Totally 6 days (Incl. 1 day on-line).
*  Kristine Neff from University of Texas & Chris Germer from Harvard University ~“Self-compassion” 5-day Retreat.
*  Mark Williams from University of Oxford ~ 2 day MBCT, & half-day mindfulness teacher retreat by Bob Stahl from the US.
* Helen Ma and Kevin Fong from Hong Kong ~ 5 day Retreat, and  1 day MBSR retreat by Kevin Fong.
* Jack Kornfield from the US (led by CIH Ms Tong Huiqi) ~”Power Of Awareness” & “Mindfulness Daily” programs.
* Akarpa Rinpoche – Himalaya Yoga Retreat totally 5 days (A1&A2).
*  5 times participated in “SIY program” totally 10 days retreat, and 2.5 times “SIY Teacher Training” totally 16.5 days retreat organized by SIY Leadership Institutes conducted in San Francisco, Thailand, and Bhutan respectively.
* Also participated in “2018 Wisdom 2.0” summit in San Francisco, the world largest mindfulness conference which has more than 3000 participants.

Helen lives with her husband in Beijing with a marriage of 23 years. Besides working with her clients, she enjoys learning new things in her professional field, reading, music, meditation, travel, studying and practicing Chinese traditional philosophy/culture, and supporting her friends with her professional expertise when needed.