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Heidger Marx

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Berlin, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Dr. Heidger Marx is at the forefront of driving individual and organizational success and well-being at SAP and beyond through innovative training and mentoring programs for extraordinary employee and customer experience. He is Lead Mindfulness Trainer and Mentor in the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice (SGMP), bringing the gift of mindfulness to many interested colleagues and external clients.

During his more than 20 years at SAP, Heidger held various positions in the professional services and the sales organization both in Europe and in the United States. Most recently and before joining the SGMP in 2016, he was the Principal Industry Advisor Chemicals for the EMEA region within the Consulting Services organization.

Heidger holds a Master´s degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Heidelberg. He is also a certified SIY trainer (Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness-based training for emotional intelligence, deeply rooted in neuroscience) from SIYLI (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute) in San Francisco.

Heidger combines his decades-long mindfulness practice and scientific background with a proven business and technology acumen and mindset. As Lead Trainer and Mentor, he has been instrumental in bringing the proven SIY training program to more than 9,000 employees internally at SAP and externally to over 1,000 customer participants.

Heidger’s personal mission is to improve people’s lives and inspire others to discover, believe in, and achieve their full potential for sustainable personal and organizational success in our fast-paced VUCA world.