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Hans Kirchner

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Munich, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German


In 2011, I started meditating and it was embarrassing.

I was a typical black-and-white, logic-based Engineer. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness - it always struck me as a waste of time.

UNTIL a close friend, whose career drive and results I admired greatly, told me that his meditation practice was a key part of his success. I was floored. He took me to a seminar with one of the teachers he respected, and my life changed on every level.

Back then, meditation was still such a weird esoteric thing. We didn’t really have the science to explain HOW it produced results and influenced the brain.

I was torn between two worlds: Working in the logic-based world of an engineer by day, and doing this “weird” thing in my personal life that I couldn't tell anyone about.

My worst fear: That is was all a placebo effect, and I’d been a fool to invest in it.

Today, the science is clear: Meditation and yoga drive business results.

Opening up creativity and innovation
Reduces stress and absenteeism
Supporting employee retention
Improving communication & collaboration skills
And so much more ...

Now instead of hiding my meditation practice, I became an Engineer who is happy to pass on these amazing science-backed mindfulness tools to other engineers and (technology) leaders, so they can access their full potential too.