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Geneviève Major

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Yvorne, Suisse

Languages Offered

  • English, French


Geneviève holds a PhD in Human Nutrition and Human Kinetics.  After a carreer of 13 yrs in the food industry as nutrition science researcher and program manager, she has moved to the "human side" of the businesses and now delivers courses and training programs to individuals and organisations in emotional intelligence.  Geneviève is passionate about health and well being of individuals and the role of physical activity, good nutrition and mindfulness meditation to help achieve a state of body and mind balance at the core of a fulfilling life.  Geneviève is a founding member of Mindfulness Association Switzerland.  She has been for the past 14 years practicing mindfulness meditation and beside being a SIY certified teacher, she is currently completing her teacher certification for the programs MB-LC (Mindfulness Association.Be), and the science-based mindful eating programs MB-EAT (Jean L. Kristeller, PhD) and ME-CL (Jan Jozen Bay, MD and Char Wilkins, LCSW).Link to Linked in page :ève-major-26402b72