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Gautam Deviah

SIY Certified Teacher


  • New York, NY, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Gautam began a deep exploration into mindfulness and wellbeing practices in 2010. He attends annual 10-day silent meditation retreats and studies with global industry leaders to understand the science, skills and practices that drive human wellbeing and performance.

With personal expertise in mindfulness and wellbeing and a business track record he is uniquely positioned to help executives feel more empowered and resilient. He is passionate about helping leadership teams foster world-class wellbeing, performance and leadership.

Gautam has 20 years of management consulting experience, most recently as a global strategy leader with Deloitte. Gautam has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MS from the University of Virginia with a full scholarship.

Gautam is a certified teacher for Search Inside Yourself Leadership, a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program for leaders developed at Google. He serves as a volunteer program manager at Vipassana meditation centers.

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