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Gail Spangler

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Kansas City, MO, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Prior to becoming a Certified SIY Teacher, Gail has spent much of her life avoiding meditation, introspection and self-compassion – mainly because like millions of people around the globe, she was on “autopilot and unaware” of the practice of “being present” called mindfulness. So, the irony is not lost on her as she’s discovered her true north --to help bring self-awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices into the lives of people everywhere. After her personal experience with MBSR, developed by pioneer mindfulness teacher Jon Kabit-Zinn, Gail felt more people needed to know more about the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Thus began her mindfulness journey.

Gail has co-facilitated the SIY mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program to individuals in corporate and non-profit organizations including; the Kauffman Foundation, Paces, Kansas City Art Institute, American Century, Novel Growth Partners, MRI Global, Phoenix Family Services, Stowers Institute, We Work and the Cleveland Indians. The over-arching feedback she’s received from  SIY program participants is that the connection, empathy and awareness experiences has helped them navigate our complex, fast-moving world more skillfully, with greater ease and compassion.

Gail combines her SIY training with unique skills cultivated across her work in the marketing and media ecosystems. She’s held posts and worked with numerous top Fortune 500 companies including; media companies (NYTimes), television (PBS, CBS), ad agencies (Grey, Hal Riney), and nationally known speakers and authors. She also bootstrapped two of her own start-ups and dozens of multi-media related projects.

She’s recently launched Pauzify, an international booking agency that specializes in matching organizations (large and small) to highly skilled mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership programs and professionals. She looks forward to championing her fellow mindfulness teachers as they bring this important work to the far reaches of the globe.

This all fits in rather nicely with Gail’s purpose to spread the word on why "everyone on the planet" should have the opportunity to explore, develop and integrate modern mindfulness into their own life -- and so together we may all thrive.