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Frédérique Charlier

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Bruxelles, Belgique

Languages Offered

  • Dutch, English, French


Throughout her 25+ year career in the financial services industry, holding multiple leadership roles Frederique got passionate about interpersonal relationships.

Observing and experimenting how today’s businesses often lack the resources to prevent and manage conflicts she went on a quest to learn and now share practical and accessible tools around emotional intelligence, communication and negotiation.

As an SIY Certified Teacher Fred is fascinated by the transformational experience participants go through. ‘I feel so energized to share  those skills which help individuals and teams communicate more effectively, increase their performance and feel happier! It is now my role to share these tools I have been looking for as a leader.’

On her Teacher journey Fred has been teaching SIY to organizations across  Europe, from Engineering to Finance, Energy, Telecom and Manufacturing.

Since 2015 she co-leads [TRUE TALK](, a consultancy providing training and guidance for businesses through social and commercial conflicts.

She also recently joined the University of Peace* that teaches kids from the youngest age, teens and adults how to manage their conflicts differently.

Fred’s mindfulness practice helps her pursue meaning in life and live by the words 'Today is my favourite day, Together is my favourite place'.

*The ‘Université de Paix’ (UP) is a non-profit that was created in 1960 by the Belgian Nobel for Peace laureate, Dominique Pire. The UP specializes in positive conflict management.