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Edsel Tolentino

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Singapore

Languages Offered

  • English


Edsel knocked about for some years as editor, musician, hotdog stand operator, among other odd jobs. One day, he decided to make money and became an advertising copywriter. He rose to the rank of creative director after just six years in the industry. Over the years, Edsel has worked on brands ranging from autos to airlines, burgers to banks, chocolates to cellphones. His works have gained the highest recognition at award shows.

Edsel’s lifelong quest for self-knowledge began in high school and it has led him to delve into philosophy, meditation, martial arts and healing modalities. He stumbled upon SIY and saw that it provides an accessible and practical gateway to self-development and, hopefully, becoming a change agent. Convinced, Edsel applied for and got accepted to SIY teacher training in summer 2018, joining Cohort 5 Berlin. He got certified in April 2019.

Born and raised in Philippines, Edsel presently lives with his family in Singapore and is an independent creative director. He is also a partner for a Manila-based audio postproduction company.

Edsel studied at De La Salle University Manila, Communication Arts. Heʼs due for promotion to third-degree black belt in aikido. A musician by avocation, rare club performances with his hobby band are dutifully attended by relatives, colleagues and friends.