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Daniela Gaschler

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Roermond, Netherlands

Languages Offered

  • Dutch, English, German


# Meet Daniela Gaschler, a Mindfulness Professional passionate about well-being and positive work culture.

Learner | Empathy | Achiever | Relator | Intellection are Daniela's core skills.

## Enriching any workplace community by empowering you with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
Working toward a more peaceful world in which all people feel connected and act with compassion.

### Her story

A few years ago Daniela started working as mindfulness professional at SAP.
Part time teaching mindfulness forced her holding back a treasure of experimental wisdom she gained especially with her transformation caused by aikido and dance which enabled her successful career.

Beside working in various international roles and corporate functions within and outside SAP she is a certified ‘Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy’ / ‘Mindful Based Stress Reduction’ (MBCT/MBSR) trainer, specialized in mindfulness and leadership skills at workplace.

During her master studies in pedagogy she specialised in didactic for adults, therefore she delivers valuable business trainings in companies. Her experience and know how helps her to tune into specific needs and styles of learners.

Since more than 25 years she practices aikido, holding the 3rd Dan (black belt). Since more than 12 years she is a dancer. Both arts are connecting body and mind and feed her daily life as well.

In summary enough experiences and know-how to found [Find Inside yourSelf]( to be at best service for a more human workculture.

## It is her pleasure to share her knowledge and facilitate your experiential learning journeys.