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Cristina Nielsen

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages Offered

  • Danish, English


Cristina is an experienced professional who has worked in Retail Management, Business Development and Digital Transformation in various consultant and leader roles for the last 20+ years. Primarily in large international organisations where change is frequent and constant. No matter if she works with clients or colleagues, her aim is always to create an atmosphere of psychological safety and respect, where individuals and teams can unleash their best and navigate skilfully together.

In addition to her work in Tech & retail, Cristina is a certified teacher of multiple Yoga and Movement practices. She has a passion for functional movement and a lifelong practise of gymnastics, yoga, calisthenics and running. You can find her teaching Yoga and Myofascial release classes at several Yoga centers around Copenhagen.

Cristina studied Sociology at Aalborg University and her curiosity and belief in constant education and learning has taken her through several additional programmes of Business Management, Facilitation, Leadership and Personal Development.