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Criss Cuervo

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Toledo, Spain

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


After several years in the corporate world Criss decided to make a radical change in her profession. Why? She was intrigued by why some people were successful and how they maintained a balance between professional and personal life.

In 2016, she decided to launch, a socially responsible company whose mission is to deliver mindfulness-based life and work balance tools to people around the globe.

Criss was born in Venezuela to Colombian parents. In 1998, her family migrated to the United States. During her corporate career in the US, she worked for companies such as CBS, Telemundo, Comcast, ESPN, DishLATINO, where she received multiple awards for her leadership, performance and innovation skills.

Criss graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Communications from the University of Illinois. Criss completed several postgraduate courses in journalism at the University of Miami and Florida International University. In 2019 she completed a Master of Mindfulness at Lesley University, her thesis resulted in her first book PERTENÆCER: Eight-Week Mindfulness and Meditation Training and Practices for Latinx Immigrants in the United States ©, where she adapts mindfulness for immigrants in the US through a self-guided course. In 2020, Criss became certified to teach the Search Inside Yourself course, a leadership program developed at Google. The program aims to train emotional intelligence through Mindfulness. Criss currently resides in Toledo-Spain.
In her free time, you can find Criss meditating, reading, or just being with nature. She also loves to walk without a purpose, yoga, zumba, and tennis!