Criss Cuervo

SIY Certified Teacher


Toledo, Spain

Languages Offered

English Spanish


Criss Cuervo is the CEO of, facilitator, speaker, and author of PERTENÆCER ©Criss was born in Venezuela to Colombian parents. In 1998, her family migrated to the United States.Since then she has lived throughout the US, Mexico, and Spain. She currently resides in Toledo-Spain.

Criss has a BA from University of Illinois, and multiple graduate courses in Spanish Journalism. In 2019, Criss completed a Masters of Arts in Mindfulness from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Recently, she received a certification to teach Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership program originally developed at Google. Before discovering emotional intelligence, mediation, and mindfulness, Criss worked for top US Hispanic Media and Television companies for over 13 years, during that time she received multiple awards for her leadership, performance, and innovation skills. Emotional intelligence, mediation, and mindfulness made a huge impact on her and her life, so in 2016 she transitioned into dedicating her life to sharing these practices with the world. 

In her free time, you can find Criss meditating, reading, or just being with nature. She also loves to walk without a purpose, yoga, zumba, and tennis!