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Christian Ried

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Stuttgart, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German, Italian


How can we strengthen the self-organization of humans in organizations and how can concepts about emotional intelligence contribute to this process?

With this key question I have been active as an independent organizational consultant, trainer and coach for many years. The focus of my work is on change processes in companies, and I work predominantly with managers and executives. Methodical accuracy combined with pragmatism characterize my work as well as humor - development is fun!

Systems thinking provides the core frame for my work approach, complemented by the training as a coach for personal development based on the inner family model, as well as the qualification as a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher. A business economist by training, I combine a process oriented view of social systems with experience in management consulting and a deep understanding of business processes and structures.
In a sense, we learn from the past what to predict for the future and then live the future we expect.
(Regina Pally, The Predicting Brain)