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Cathryn Urquhart

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Perth WA, Australia

Languages Offered

  • English


Cathryn comes to SIY from a legal background having studied and worked as a lawyer but in more recent times has focussed on training and coaching.
Cathryn was born in Perth, Western Australia and has lived and worked there ever since. She married and had 3 children who are all now lovely young adults getting on with their own lives.
Difficult circumstances in her life drew her to Mindfulness. And study and practise over time convinced Cathryn that a science-based, data-backed program such as that created by SIYLI was just the thing the legal and other professions needed to help with stress, promote peak performance and high level teams and lead to greater leadership skills. And so Cathryn was inspired to become a Certified Teacher of the SIY Course.