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Carolina Gamboa

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Bogotá, Colombia

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


I serve diverse private and non-profit organizations in Colombia, Latin America and around the world by helping their leaders and teams develop personal and human leadership, train their attention for conscious and compassionate decision-making, change work cultures based on listening practices, learn to manage time with equanimity and develop more resilient and sustainable businesses.

Inspired by the SIY program, during the last 6 years I have been deepening my learning and understanding of how humans think, feel, behave, and interact with each other and the environment, which has led me to strengthen my mindfulness practice and develop new skills around listening technologies for human and leadership transformation.

My curiosity-based approach to mindfulness and listening has helped and inspired teams, leaders, parents, teens and even children, to feel safe to rediscover their human wisdom, honor their values and explore reality from different and more compassionate perspectives. This is what I call: mindful synchrony and which led me to write my first book: “El tiempo en Pausa Presente”.

Family is my favorite word not only because I have one that serves me as a daily practice lab, but also because I have come to realize that family is what helped me face the challenges I experienced as an entrepreneur and an executive. Family, in my experience, is where you feel safe and empowered to be present and true to yourself and you can find it at home, at work or in a community.

Languages: English and Spanish