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Carlos Goga

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Valencia, España

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


Carlos works with decision-makers and business leaders at Board of Directors and Steering Committees on how to succeed with digital transformation and the challenges of the XXI century.

Carlos has been actively working in the IT industry for the last 25 years.  His strong commitment with innovation took him to search and develop the inner technology that could help people to manage the inner side effect of the fast paced change which imposes the digital technology.

Since 2008, he is a practitioner and trainer of kundalini yoga, conscious sexuality, and mindfulness. Balancing inner/outer, mind/heart, money/love, personal/ professional, masculine/feminine are the key focus of all his research and work.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Economics, an MBA by the University of Houston, and a Senior Management Executive Program by IESE. Carlos has developed his professional career as executive manager in global corporations and as serial entrepreneur.

Carlos is also the author of the novel #lovetopía. El Nuevo Mundo que Llevamos en Nuestro Corazón.He participates actively in economic movements and organizations exploring a new way of doing business in pursue of a better, more beautiful self for a better, more beautiful society.