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Caitlin Stull

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Berkeley, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Caitlin Stull (she/her) is the Manager of Teacher Training & Development at SIY Global where she passionately supports SIY teachers to transform their workplaces from the inside out. Having partnered with some of SIYG’s most influential clients, she has seen first-hand the impact human-centered skills can have in enabling teams and organizations to flourish. Her work is sustained by a 15-year mindfulness practice that inspires her to continue turning towards the great opportunities and difficulties employees and workplaces face at this time.

A social worker by training, Caitlin is fascinated by the role of culture and identity in shaping organizations. Before joining SIYG, she worked at the intersection of people and policy through political affairs roles with organizations including NATO, UNICEF and Amnesty International. This work took her around the world including time living in Turkey, Australia, Rwanda, and Spain.

When not working with SIYG, Caitlin is a community-based social worker who offers nature-based therapy for under-resourced populations.

She is currently completing a Masters in Clinical Social Work at UNC Charlotte, holds dual Bachelors in Political Science and International Affairs, and is a trauma-informed yoga teacher. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains where you'll find her hiking with her dog Bodhi, building a community of mindfulness practitioners and learning earth-based skills for sustainable living.