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Bryan Burns

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Halifax, NS, Canada

Languages Offered

  • English


Bryan Burns is the President of HRO Core Inc. which he founded in 2005. HRO Core's mission is to 'Support the Health, Wellness and Mindfulness of Individuals and Organizations' via a range of services for small and large organizations. He has a formal meditation practice since 2002. He began meditating long before that by placing a dot on the wall and trying to focus on it. As a national team athlete he was introduced to mental training practices and took up Tai Chi. He also practices Ashtanga yoga and loves paddling his SUP board when he's not with his young family - his wife Liz, Ella who is 5 and Jasper who was born in May 2021. He is accredited in the Bar-on EQi, a measure of emotional intelligence, is a Certified Teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, as has completed CTI Level 1 teaching certification, Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Manju Jois and has completed many Buddhist retreats and practices. He has delivered mindfulness and emotional intelligence training and assessments over 20 years in Canada, the UK and the US.