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Brittney Van Matre

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Portland, OR, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Brittney Van Matre is a meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and corporate professional with over 14 years of international management experience with leading companies and brands. At her current company, Nike, Brittney
has facilitated the Search Inside Yourself program to both the EMEA and North America geographies.

Brittney began her professional career in the USA where she earned a degree in Accounting and worked as a consultant for KPMG in Portland, Oregon. She led a variety of high-profile projects before beginning a 9-year career with Nike in 2010. After meeting the Belgian love of her life, she moved with Nike to The Netherlands and continued her corporate career in Europe until 2018. Brittney recently returned to the USA with her husband and their 2-year old son, Finn.

Brittney is also the creator of Lead Awake, helping individuals and teams approach their life and work from a place of grounded awareness, feeling more connected, and more alive. With Lead Awake, Brittney teaches workplace meditation, customized EI workshops, is a keynote speaker and facilitates SIY. Brittney has facilitated for KPMG, Nike, and The Standard.

Brittney believes that leadership development is synonymous with personal development.  She envisions a world of conscious businesses with a new culture of professionals and leaders who celebrate themselves, their teams, and embrace the diversity and passion of the whole person.

Her work draws upon transformative events from her own life: being a corporate professional, overcoming years of debilitating overwhelm, embarking on solo entrepreneurship, living and working abroad for 6 years, birthing and mothering her son, and traveling to over 40 countries.