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Brigitta Wurnig

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Hamburg, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Since 1999 I'm helping leaders and teams grow their Emotional Intelligence and connect with their Emotional Agility. My coaching combines the essence of analytical leadership perspective with emotional intelligence and mindfulness. It's designed for leaders and teams in a digital and agile world and starts with developing your inner self, self-awareness, self-management and resilience. All key-skills a leader should develop for sustainable success and happiness.

In 2017 I and a group of seven other executives wrote the German book "Auf dem Weg - Erfahrungen mit Digital Leadership" with the agile method Book Sprints. The book shows how you combine mindfulness with leadership in an agile business context. It also provides a wide range of leadership experiences in agile settings and pragmatic leadership tips.

Walking the talk myself, I continously train my mindfulness and meditation practice, and leadership skills. Over the past twenty years I've attended several profund trainings in coaching, change management, team development, and mindfulness. Last but not least, my time at McKinsey & Company taught me to get to the burning point quickly and strive for clarity. Since 2020 I am a Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Certified Teacher for the mindfulness-based training for Emotional Intelligence invented at Google.

I love working with my clients and am very grateful for their trust and openness. Coaching is my passion and profession. I feel blessed working with leaders and teams wanting to learn and develop their emotional intelligence, integrity, and heart.