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Brenda Petersen

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Shanghai, China

Languages Offered

  • English


Brenda empowers SIY participants with the same successful practices she draws upon from the program in her own career as senior executive of a leading international school.

She has led SIY programs internationally for companies like Adidas and Volkswagen. From preserving calm and clarity during an organizational crisis to navigating difficult conversations with integrity and warmth, Brenda provides useful tools and techniques teams can use every day.

During her twenty year career in education, Brenda has inspired students from the US, Brazil, and China with her culturally sensitive and engaging approach. Currently in her work as an administrator, Brenda facilitates the development and growth of over 200 employees. A dedicated meditation practitioner, Brenda attends several silent retreats a year to deepen her practice and to share mindfulness with others.

Brenda served as  United States Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea setting the foundation for her curiosity about other cultures and dedication to service. Brenda holds a BS in Education from Northwestern University and holds a MLA from Johns Hopkins University. She is an avid cyclist, former professional dancer, and loves exploring the mountains of Colorado on summer vacations.