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Ben McEwing

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Melbourne VIC, Australia

Languages Offered

  • English


Ben is a communications consultant, with a focus on human dynamics, facilitation and insight-driven storytelling. His superpower is getting to the heart of every brief, story and interaction. He uses communication to raise awareness, foster connection and promote lasting behavioural change. He combines his intuitive understanding of people with his highly developed writing, speaking and listening skills to draw rich insights that clarify the way forward.

He has been a meditator for over 25 years. It helps him navigate life’s inevitable challenges with more clarity and calm. He credits meditation with his boundless curiosity, empathic observation and the willingness to dig a little deeper…because that’s where you find the diamonds. ;-)

He came to learn of Search Inside Yourself in 2018 and was instantly drawn to its ethos and mission. He now teaches the program to individuals and organisations who are ready to evolve. He’s also an emerging leader in the Path Retreats community and is currently studying to be a gestalt psychotherapist.