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Ashley Nelson

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Chicago, IL, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Ashley is passionate about unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations by helping people become a more resilient, effective, content version of themselves. Drawing upon her experience as a mindfulness practitioner, Fortune 500 senior level executive and entrepreneur, mother and partner, she empowers people to thrive and heal in all aspects of life through the profound practice of mindfulness.  Ashley was awarded MBSR certification from the UCSD Center for Mindfulness in the School of Medicine, is a certified SIY teacher, a certified hatha yoga instructor, an executive coach and the founder of Inseus.  At Inseus, she and her team are dedicated to transforming lives through evidence-based mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership development programs.  Ashley is honored to work regularly with business leaders, non-profits and hospitals, government agencies, patient-facing communities struggling with cancer and mental health, and with incarcerated populations.  Grounded in science and practice, Ashley facilitates programs that decrease reactivity and stress while increasing focus, resilience, empathy and awareness. I believe that mindfulness is accessible to everyone, transforms lives and has the power to change our communities in a way that is deeply healing and helpful.