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Anita Verster

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Languages Offered

  • Afrikaans, English


Anita is the founder of a niche consulting practice in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She focuses on Organisational Culture (Whole Systems) change, Leadership development, Executive Coaching and Team alignment. She has, for over 20 years, partnered with some of the largest organisations in South Africa and Africa co-creating interventions and implementing practices enabling leaders & organisations to flourish. She deeply believes that both organisational and individual well-being is imperative to create a more sustainable and meaningful future for all.

Prior to establishing her current business, Anita held senior positions in IT Management Consulting. She later decided on a different career path and branched into Psychology. She was one of the first in South Africa to study and research Emotional Intelligence as part of her MA Counselling Psychology dissertation.

Anita has practiced meditation for over 20 years. It is this integration of an ever-deepening personal practice coupled with practical business consulting that has benefited both herself and her clients the most.

As a SIY Global Coach, Anita brings over 2 decades of coaching experience across different industries. She is known to developing high levels of trust and brings clarity, presence, and wisdom to her engagements. She has worked with many leaders who are taking on larger responsibilities, expanding their scope and influence and building the emotional & mental capacity for dealing with more complexity. She provides honest & generative feedback yet interacts with integrity and compassion. She has assisted many leaders finding more clarity & balance, improving their relationship building or preparing them for more senior roles. She follows a coaching process aimed at enhancing self-awareness and way of being as a precursor for not only authentic & conscious leadership, but also fulfilling individual potential and flourishing.

Anita draws on many coaching philosophies and approaches and is guided by a systemic, contextually relevant, and integrated approach.

● M.A. Counselling Psychology – neuro-, development-, career- and adult- psychology
● ICF Accredited Coaching training - Consciousness Coaching ® Training - Master I
● Leadership Coaching Training (Barrett Values Centre)
● 360 Leadership Values Assessment (LVA), 360 Leadership Development Report (LDR), customised assessments