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Andres Lasso

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Bogotá, Colombia

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


In addition to working as an independent Search Inside Yourself facilitator and speaker, Andres works for a multinational company in the telecommunications sector in the city of Bogota, Colombia.

He is an electrical engineer from the University of Maryland. While in college, he had the opportunity to work as a part-time professor, a very enriching experience to begin his journey towards teaching.

More than a decade ago he began his professional career in the telecommunications sector as a technical consultant and currently works as a regional technical manager, leading a team that covers several countries in Latin America. Andres has a unique combination of skills due to his career as an engineer, his international corporate experience, his interaction with technical and commercial teams and a solid practice of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This has allowed him to work with a variety of organizations and functions and create the right conditions for professionals with different profiles to reach their full potential with a sense of purpose and meaning.

His journey to mindfulness and meditation was born of his desire to be healthier and more conscious. He fell in love with these practices and how they have benefited him in his life to become a more positive, productive and compassionate leader, father, and human. After many years of practice with teachers and mentors, his mission has become to help others search within themselves to find focus, well-being and happiness.

He loves to play the guitar, travel and enjoy time with his wife and two children.