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Andreas Pfingsten

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Heidelberg, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Andreas was intrigued by the experience of connecting to other people in a corporate environment by virtue of participating in a training. A colleague became a human being. What a shift in perspective and perception - this happened in 2014 during his first SIY Training at SAP. That experience encouraged Andreas to continue and broaden his meditation and Qigong practice he had started in 2008. Andreas is very fortunate and grateful that he was given the opportunity to become a SIY-trainer at SAP in 2018 and had the chance to co-teach numerous courses onsite and online as well as become a SIY trainee mentor. Outside of SAP Andreas teaches on behalf of the SAP Global Mindfulness Practice trainings that are being contracted by SAP.

Andreas is a chemical engineer and has an MBA. He has been working for SAP globally for more than 20 years, being located in the US and Germany.