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Anca van der Linden

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Minneapolis, MN, USA

Languages Offered

  • English, French, Romanian


I am an advocate of mindfulness practices in organizations and I strongly believe in the power of a common language of compassion that arises from sustained self-awareness and kind curiosity in one another.

As a mindfulness teacher, I’ve been fortunate enough to lead numerous mindfulness sessions with groups of professionals in IT, finance, insurance, education and healthcare. I taught the 2-day Search Inside Yourself leadership program at Mayo Clinic Health System, and with business leaders from Wiley, JPMorgan Chace, AT&T, Northern Trust Corporation, Discover Financial Services, Capgemini, Cognizant Technology Solutions and InnerWorkings. My first-hand experience of the impact of a mindfulness practice in teams is what keeps me motivated to continue championing it.

While mindfulness has been a lifestyle for the past couple of decades - and a 3-year consultancy journey - my career has revolved around international Sales for 15 years and currently, I am a Sr. Sales Trainer for SPS Commerce in Minneapolis. Sales and mindfulness are not often used in the same sentence and it is my professional mission to align them, and support any Sales professionals curious in joining me on the path of this practice for the focus, resilience and perspective that come with it.

At a personal level, my mission to be a better human being and, in teaching mindfulness, my main goal is to continue my own journey as a student of the practice, connecting with others in more meaningful ways and making a difference in my community.