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Amanda (Xunwei) Ma

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Beijing, China

Languages Offered

  • Chinese, English


Xunwei (Amanda) Ma
Beijing, China

Trained in Silicon Valley by mindful leadership masters, Amanda is one of the first mindful leadership teachers in Mainland China. She designs and conducts applied mindfulness (awareness) training for executives, focusing on Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Self-Resilience and Leadership.  She delivers workshops and trainings to top executives from many of the leading tech companies and PE firms operating in Asia, including L'Oreal, KKR, Pang’an, CITIC, AIA, wework, Lenovo, Prenetics, Career International and more.

Starting over a decade ago, Amanda held a leadership role in a top international executive search firm (with over 120 offices worldwide), placing senior executives across China and Hong Kong. From there, Amanda brought another leading executive search firm to China as its Chief Representative, with primary focus on PE and Real Estate sectors. Today, she serves as HR advisor to major PE funds and private conglomerates from China to Silicon Valley, making her a well-connected resource in the marketplace.

**Personal Style: **

An authentic and compassionate coach, Amanda forms a deep connection with her students and, through emphasis on positive psychology, helps her clients discover their intrinsic value and motivation.