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Amanda Ryznar

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Chicago, IL, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Amanda believes mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and meditation can help people be present, move forward with their goals, and transform their lives. As a former senior digital marketing executive for an investment research firm with 12 years of leadership experience, she understands the opportunities and challenges of a fast-paced and continuously evolving professional environment.

Amanda knows how to infuse empathy, awareness, and creativity into cross-functional teams to achieve positive outcomes––for the teams involved, end users, and the business. She also has extensive experience handling the challenges and complexities that come with co-located Agile teams. Along with her experience in driving digital marketing strategy and developing leaders, Amanda understands how to infuse emotional intelligence and wellbeing into multiple levels of an organization. While at her former employer of 17 years, she spent three years collaborating with senior benefits leaders to create a dedicated mindfulness team, helped roll out a wellness-focused app to all employees, and led weekly meditation sessions.

Amanda’s passion and skill set span the spectrum of wellness. She’s both a Reiki Master and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and specializes in creating experiences that cultivate awareness and greater restoration. She’s taught Search Inside Yourself to senior executives across industries, front-line healthcare professionals, marketers, and professors of academia.