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Alexie Dossa

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Alexie is a dynamic business executive that brings 20 years of experience working with senior executives at large global corporations and startups to accelerate the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. He now focuses on their core strategic needs that all senior executives have: to enable more meaningful employee engagement. He focuses on _the individual mindset, and fostering the team climate to enable a culture of innovation_. By enabling these core needs, long term innovation strategies for digital transformation, new business models, customer-and-user experience, and employee experience can be achieved. _This all starts with individual people, their perspective, and how they show up at home, at work and at play._ Alexie has led, developed and re-engineered high-performance teams throughout much of his career in Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco in a global business environment.

_Alexie has 15 years of embodied experience and expertise with mindfulness in the business environment. These skills have enabled a higher quality of life for him, and are part of his core values. These values promote the mindset and climate for innovation, develop inspiring leadership skills and more meaningful collaboration._

He and his daughter Sydney live in Mill Valley, California, a short drive north of San Francisco. _He is also a certified power yoga instructor, and is very passionate about practicing and teaching both yoga and meditation._ He believes time on the yoga and meditation mats provide the fertile ground for immense personal and professional growth. He spends much of his free time running and hiking the beautiful trails on Mt Tamalpais and along the California coastline in Marin County, California.

Alexie works for [Planview](, the global leader in SaaS cloud software for corporate innovation, strategic planning, financial management, product and portfolio management.

With warmth and gratitude - namasté!

**Alexie Johannes Dossa**
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