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Abi Olmstead

SIY Certified Teacher

Languages Offered

  • English


Abi’s personal journey led her to attend a silent mindfulness meditation retreat during her early years in college at U.C. Berkeley. She has since been on many subsequent retreats and has been experiencing the benefit of these practices for over a decade. Having experienced the power of these practices first-hand, Abi aligned her career to make the practices of mindfulness and emotional intelligence more practical and accessible.

Abi currently works as an Engagement Manager at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute where she partners directly with organizations to support their wellbeing initiatives inside their workplaces. She finds this role to be an impactful way to connect with others who see the future of work as one where individuals can thrive through healthy workplace cultures.

Prior to joining the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Abi worked in the education non-profit sector as a Program Manager. In addition, she has worked in Silicon Valley as a Latin American Business Development Representative and Customer Success Manager. When not at work, you will find Abi pursuing a healthy and balanced personal life through meditation, exercise, backpacking and world travel.