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Share Search Inside Yourself with Your Colleagues!

Now that you've attended the SIY program, share what you've learned!

We hope you enjoyed your experience at the Search Inside Yourself program and are excited to share a bit about what you learned with your colleagues or friends. After getting many requests from people that want help sharing an introduction to mindfulness, we put together this short slide presentation for you to use. It's meant to provide a quick, 30-minute taste of what SIY is all about and includes some of the science and some practice with mindfulness. You can customize it to fit your experience and share what was most meaningful to you.

Watch this video for a walk-through of the presentation:

Suggested SIY Alumni Share Agenda

Total time: 30-45 minutes

  • 12 min (0:12) : Explanation (Hello through Research) *about 1 min/slide. Keep it brief!
  • 3 min (0:15) : Scientific American Video
  • 7 min (0:22) : Practice (Let’s Try It and Practice Video)
  • 5 min (0:27) : Comments
  • 3 min (:30) : Closing