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Leading Through Disruption


Principles and tools for leaders and people managers to lead with impact in the midst of uncertainty, complexity and disruption.

Based on neuroscience, mindfulness and behavioral research, this program offers practical solutions to help leaders:

  • Cultivate mental focus, clarity, and resilience
  • Improve decision-making speed and quality
  • Communicate effectively with authenticity, transparency and empathy
  • Keep their team and stakeholders motivated
  • Enable leadership and organizational renewal in challenging times

Leading Through Disruption is a practical, experiential and highly interactive program based on the latest in mindfulness and neuroscience research. Participants will leave each session with skills and tools that they can apply immediately within their teams and organizations.

Program Overview

The program is structured into 4 modules of 30 minutes each, delivered as a live online experience.


Mental Clarity

30 minutes

Build foundational practices for mental clarity in times of complexity or disruption, focusing on:

  • Sharpening attention
  • Exercising agility
  • Prioritizing cognitive renewal

Decision Quality

30 minutes

Learn a framework and practical tools to make high quality decisions in challenging times, with an emphasis on:

  • Decision-modeling
  • Assessing impact

Communicating with Impact

30 minutes

Practice the core principles of communicating with impact with your team and key stakeholders, with a focus on:

  • Building trust
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Being authentic


30 minutes

Explore ways to build credibility, demonstrate leadership presence and lead by example during times of disruption, while emphasizing:

  • Leadership presence
  • Exercising compassion
  • Being a role model

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