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SIY Teacher Training is for individuals with significant meditation, business and presentation/facilitation experience, and who have an intention to co-teach SIY to at least 100 participants annually. The SIY program uses the practice of mindfulness to build and strengthen emotional intelligence skills and is designed in particular to help individuals and teams in work environments. Note that SIY programs are always co-taught by two teachers and we expect Certified Teachers to agree to uphold this practice.

We are looking for applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Have an established daily meditation/mindfulness practice
  • Have a cumulative meditation/mindfulness practice of at least 500 hours or more.
  • Are skilled teachers and facilitators
  • Are English language proficient. The Teacher Training materials, homework and program are all in English. Part of SIY includes technical content like neuroscience. If English is not your first language, having a good level of proficiency is important.
  • Ideally have experience in organizational settings and understand the unique challenges of the workplace
  • Are passionate about bringing mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices into organizations
  • Have existing sales and marketing skills, as well as an existing network of clients to whom you can offer SIY.
  • Are committed to their own personal growth and teach from a place of openness, curiosity and humility
  • Have a demonstrable plan to teach at least 100 participants annually and can show ready access to new audiences
  • Are willing to partner with other SIY Certified Teachers to co-teach each SIY program (rather than solo teaching).

When assessing candidates, we will consider the criteria mentioned above plus the country where you primarily live and work. Our intention is to ensure people around the world have access to the SIY program. In countries where there is already a high density of SIY Certified Teachers we will be offering fewer spots.

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to apply if you plan to teach within the organization in which you currently work. This will provide a ready-to-teach audience and fertile ground for you to quickly gain expertise teaching SIY.