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Bring the power of mindfulness to the changemakers shaping our future! Donate here.

We encourage you or a group of your peers to apply! We are looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about bringing SIY and mindfulness * emotional intelligence practices into their organization. They understand the unique challenges of their workplace and will be able to make connections between the SIY curriculum and their organization’s current challenges, opportunities, culture and values.
    • While this program will help support you in championing and implementing SIY, we are looking for people who might already have some involvement, or at least a vision and plans for what this could look like within your org.
  • Have an established and consistent mindfulness practice, with a commitment to deepening this practice, since this is one of the core elements of our program and how we train EI
  • Have experience facilitating to larger groups of around 30 or more people, and/or experience facilitating multi-faceted and experiential programs.
  • Ideal candidates may have some experience managing large scale programs and/or driving culture change.

We are also looking for those people within organizations that are ready to implement these practices, for example:

  • Established interest for (or at least an openness to) mindfulness & EI within the organization. We look for organizations that care about their employees and see the value of increasing skills for managing stress and building resilience, empathy and strong leadership.
  • Organizations with the potential for scale and that can support running programs on a regular, ongoing basis (eg 2x per quarter). This also may be orgs who are looking to embed SIY as a core learning or development offering.
  • Some budget approval and buy-in from decision makers. Note that this doesn’t have to be fully in place (we know part of this case is made over time as you start to collect data and gain interest!) but some initial or potential support from stakeholders/decision makers.