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Unlocking Team Performance

After over a year of pandemic, huge changes, remote working, you and your colleagues are likely depleted and feeling disconnected and disengaged. Since Google’s pioneering study on the importance of psychological safety and empathy as critical to team performance, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of emotional intelligence for not just individual performance, but also to how we collaborate and work effectively together. Join SIYLI director Steph Stern and senior SIY teachers Lori Schwanbeck to discuss the science, practice and organizational research on the keys to drive high team performance, manage uncertainty and cultivate inclusion and a sense of belonging at work.

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  • September 15 | 9:00am - 10:00am PDT
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Lori has been teaching SIY internationally since 2013 to diverse clients in: technology, professional sports, manufacturing, retail, education, and humanitarian organizations. In addition to teaching SIY, she is a mindfulness based psychotherapist dedicated to helping people create lives of meaning and well-being. Lori coaches individuals seeking to increase their level of social and emotional intelligence in their professional and personal lives. Lori understands the challenges and opportunities of bringing secular mindfulness into various work environments as she draws upon her background in marketing for multi-national companies and small businesses. Lori practice is supported by time in nature.