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Search Inside Yourself in Berlin!

Search Inside Yourself in Santa Monica!

Based on neuroscience and recommended by hundreds of thousands around the world, Search Inside Yourself offers tools and practices for resilience, essential self-care, connection and mental well-being. The interactive and transformational SIY program shares practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-compassion tools, enabling you to put yourself first and show up the way you want to.

This program is open to all humans, from all backgrounds. We also strongly encourage individuals from the public sector (e.g. working in healthcare, education, civil service, justice, social activism) to join.

  • July 25 - 26 | 9:00am - 5:00pm PT

Heart of Downtown Santa Monica

Los Angeles, California
Program Language: English

Join the emerging movement of organizations integrating evidence-based mindfulness for greater impact.


Emotional Intelligence

Studies have shown that emotional intelligence helps us show up with greater wellness for the causes we care about most.



Attention is the fundamental energy of the mind. How we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience.



Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner factors of growth and wellbeing: self-awareness, self-management, and emotional skills.


Program Journey

This transformational experience begins with a 2-day program followed by a 4-week online journey, concluding with a virtual capstone as we explore mindfulness and emotional intelligence for inspiring wellbeing, collaboration and leadership with heart.


Live Training

(2 days)

Begin with an interactive program where you'll learn from teachers and fellow participants, engage in experiential-based learning and connect with a global change-making community.


Virtual Practice

(4 weeks)

The live program is followed by an online learning period where you'll receive daily practices to help you integrate what you learned at the live sessions.


Capstone Session

(1 hour)

Reconnect with fellow participants, share your experience and gain additional tools to continue to apply your learnings.

Meet Your Teachers

Our amazing teaching community is expansive, global and diverse, representing a wide-range of industries and backgrounds. Our programs are taught by our highly qualified Certified Teachers, all of whom have attended our rigorous teacher training program.

Lindsey Kugel

Lindsey is a leader in impact organizations including SIYLI, and mindfulness teacher with a 20-year practice. As a community manager and strategic partnership director, Lindsey has held founding roles with several impactful start-up organizations and teams. These include Google’s wellbeing learning team, the Green Building Council of Israel, a cleantech firm supporting water security, and a sustainable home improvement firm. Most recently, Lindsey has spent ten years with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), where she is now Executive Director, building SIYLI’s mindfulness-based emotional intelligence trainings for those in public service. Lindsey strives to bring authenticity and compassion into all workplace interactions, and finds this to be the greatest factor in her success at SIYLI. She holds an MBA in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. A longtime mindfulness practice guides her desire to change the world.

Miroo Kim

Miroo Kim is the CEO of People+Culture, the Collective that enables people and organizations to create the culture of wellbeing at workplaces. Miroo's journey to People+Culture started when she fell in love with technology when her tech career started at Apple in 2002. She worked on various products (iMac, iPod, iBook, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) in diverse functions (Marketing, Product, Operations) in different companies (Apple, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook). Over 20 years in the industry, she realized the most amazing technology, after all, was the human mind - our consciousness and awareness. However, no one was paying attention to taking care of the human mind at work, instead of just taking advantage of it. She experienced the negative consequence from this directly in burnout and depression. Ultimately, it was the development of emotional intelligence and mindfulness that not only saved her but also helped her thrive at work. This experience inspired her to found "[People+Culture](", to help people and organizations create the culture of wellbeing at workplaces.

While we do our best to let you know who your teachers will be ahead of time, teachers are subject to change.

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What Participants Say

"This is the best course I have EVER attended. Never before I have been able to sit for two whole days and be fully engrossed in every second. I will tell people that if they are wanting to transform their lives then they MUST attend this course."

"SIY changed the way I deal with challenges. I actually remain calm in stressful situations, and colleagues look to me to find workable solutions to problems."

"Inspiring. Cutting edge. What the new world of leadership look like."

"I like how SIY makes mindfulness practices very accessible to people. There's a very strong hesitation, unwillingness, fear that comes up when you think about sitting down and trying some of these tools. The experience you get in the workshop dissipates that so you are able to take it with you. What these tools really do is increase self-awareness. When you become more self-aware you become more tolerant and more compassionate, and it leads to better relationships with family, friends, and in the workplace"

Frequently Asked Questions

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