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Effective Teaming


Practical skills to build an environment based on trust, psychological safety, empathy & inclusion, leading to improved team performance. ​

Based on neuroscience, mindfulness and behavioral research, this interactive 3.5-hour program offers practical interpersonal skills grounded in attention training, growth-oriented mindsets and collaborative behaviors, to improve team performance. This training will help you and your team to:

  • Deepen self-awareness and learn how our thoughts and behaviors impact team dynamics
  • Expand awareness of self and others
  • Build effective and non-reactive communication skills
  • Generate a culture of trust and inclusion
  • Cultivate a prosocial mindset of humility and curiosity
  • Promote team interactions that create a learning community
  • Optimize team engagement, agility, and effectiveness

A practical, experiential and highly interactive program presenting tools that can be applied immediately within teams and organizations.


Current behavioral science, neuroscience and corporate research shows that when it comes to optimal team performance what really matters is less about who is on the team, and more about how the team works together. Specifically, individuals and teams work best in an environment where they feel:

  • Included
  • Safe when learning something new
  • Comfortable making contributions
  • At ease when challenging the status quo
  • Without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized or punished in some way

Program Structure

The 3-hour interactive program can be offered as a live online or in-person experience. It focuses on three essential aspects of team dynamics:             

  • The “I” in Team: leveraging mindfulness skills and building self-awareness of how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact others.
  • The “We” in Team: building awareness of others to enhance psychological safety, trust and empathy.
  • Communication Skills: working more effectively with others using clear communication and feedback.

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