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Community Proposal

Community Project Proposals

Community Project Proposal Form

Thank you for sharing your community project with us. We're very excited to hear your ideas and encourage you to share creative and innovative ideas.

SIYLI considers proposals that are aligned with the following principles:
    1 - We seek to offer SIY in partnership with communities that endure historic and systematic racial and economic oppression. We also seek to engage in projects that have the potential for large scale impact. All the better if we can undertake projects where both of these criteria are met, though it is not a prerequisite. 

    2 - SIYLI community projects must be for the employees of a community-based non-profit and for the community that the non-profit serves. 

    3 - Pillars of success - we seek to partner with non-profits who are credible and respected by their community, able to mobilize resources, and demonstrate a high level of commitment.

    4 - Our desire is to support long term change across a large number of individuals, instead offering a single SIY program providing temporary improvement. Scaling impact is important.
    5 - There is a pre-existing interest on the part of the non-profit in receiving SIY specifically, or the outcomes associated with SIY (i.e. enhancing the skills of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence and experiencing their many benefits such as greater self-awareness and self-management, lower stress, improved resilience, greater compassion, enhanced leadership). It is important that the non-profit value and has a desire to develop these skills and realize these outcomes for themselves and for the community they serve.
    6 - Tangible ideas for how to fund this proposal. We are continually developing funding partners in order to support our community projects, and tangible and realistic funding ideas are very helpful.

While we carefully consider each and every proposal, not all proposals will be selected. For those proposals that are selected, work can be initiated only once funding has been identified.

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Please provide the contact information for the non-profit/community for which you are proposing a community SIY project. If you have it, please add the main internal contact at the organization as well.


Please provide text answers to the following questions, taking care to provide information in response to the principles articulated at the top of this webpage: