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a new era for teams

Work is never going back to "normal." The COVID-19 pandemic upended both where and how we work, and following "The Great Resignation" many teams are struggling to rebuild trust and engagement with their employees.

In this new hybrid, more complex team environment, it is essential to leverage the tools that we know can support team efficacy and well-being.


of employees are not engaged in the workplace.


of surveyed workers reported spending time looking for a new position.

Emotional Intelligence and psychological safety can unlock team engagement, increase collaboration, enhance performance and improve well-being.

Take a look at the resources below to discover the many ways emotional intelligence can help you build a high-performing and connected team.

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How to Connect with Virtual Colleagues

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute is headquartered in San Francisco, but we have teachers and program coordinators all over the…

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The Heart of Successful Teamwork

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” —Henry Ford What makes a perfect working…

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How to Transform the Mind of a Team

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How to Mindfully Navigate Disagreements and Arguments

Disagreements and arguments can be either a source of frustration and anger, or a source of growth and understanding. Poorly…

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"The Effective Teaming program provided inspiring, helpful, and practical tips and tools to enhance team effectiveness and deepen trusting (individual and team) relationships. One of the most helpful aspects of the program are the micro-practices. Thanks to one of them our team members are more present, thoughtful, and ready to focus."

-Program participant, United States


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