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Resilience is “the ability to navigate through adversity, to effectively adapt to change and thrive.” It means having to cultivate a sense of calm, clarity and stability, even when things are stressful and overwhelming.

Resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about dealing with disruptive forces while adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances, eventually leading to the experience of thriving. Adaptive resilience is a skill that can be deliberately cultivated and developed in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change.

Luckily, resilience is a skill that we can train through dedicated practice which can increase our capacity to not only meet the challenges of life with care but even thrive amid difficult circumstances.

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How Building Compassion is Key to Resilience

Resilience is an essential skill that leads us through our challenges allowing us to adapt and thrive within a changing landscape. We’ve all had our…

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The Power of Resilience

Billions of people around the world are experiencing not only a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions, but also severe economic distress. Vast unemployment amidst…

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Case Study: County of Sonoma, California, uses mindfulness practice to build resiliency during wildfires

SIYLI Engagement Manager Sarah Hunt chatted with Sonoma County Counsel Bruce Goldstein to learn more about his experience with integrating mindfulness and emotional intelligence into…

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