Free Online Series: Towards Our New Reality

Develop the essential emotional intelligence skills you need now and for what’s ahead.

We’ve experienced the big shock of COVID-19, now we’re continuing to adapt, integrate, and plan for what’s coming next. To navigate these challenges in a way that is sustainable, effective and resilient requires increased emotional intelligence. 


Please make use of these free tools. Together, we can build the essential emotional intelligence skills needed for right now and to prepare for what’s ahead. We’ll be adding more events and resources, so keep checking back or join our mailing list for email notifications.  

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LEARN | Practical ways to cultivate your EQ

Towards Our New Reality: Speaker Series

Sept 29th: Delivering and Measuring the Impact of Global Mindfulness Programs in Organizations

Join our special guest Peter Bostelmann, Chief Mindfulness Officer and Head of the Global Mindfulness Practice at SAP, for an in-depth look at the elements it takes to successfully build, scale and measure the impact of mindfulness programs in a global organization. 

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SIYLI’s CEO Rich Fernandez has hosted leading experts on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership and neuroscience.

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CONNECT | Practice with our global community

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LEAD | Support & inspire your community and team

CEO Video Briefs: Leading through Massive Disruption

SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez and special guests share 3-5 minute video shorts on leading through uncertain and disruptive times. The videos introduce tools for leaders to develop clarity, adapt to change, make effective decisions, communicate powerfully, and build trust.

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HR/L&D Leaders: Build Organizational EQ at Scale

Learn more about how SIYLI supports HR/L&D leaders to build their organization's emotional intelligence capabilities. Watch our most recent webinar and download resources and tools to help your organization grow its resilience, performance and wellbeing.

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Toolkit: Practices for Supporting your Community

Now more than ever, it’s essential to develop our emotional intelligence and lead with resilience and compassion. If you’re looking for ways to support your community (colleagues, friends, family), we created a free toolkit including ways to: Lead Group Meditation Sessions, Spread Compassion, and Resource Yourself.

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We are excited to share practical and deeply transformational programs available for online delivery. Attend an upcoming Adaptive Resilience Series or Search Inside Yourself program.

Connect with us if you are looking for additional online trainings for your organization, including Leading Through Disruption. We'd love to explore ways to support your company's specific needs. 

Please share this page widely! These resources are free for all, we believe that these are skills everyone can benefit from, and that together we can build towards a more compassionate and peaceful world.

SIYLI is a non-profit. In this challenging time consider offering a gift to SIYLI so that we may continue providing these new, timely and free resources to those in need.