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of CEO's say that developing the next generation of leaders is their top challenge.


more employees are disengaged in 2021 than they were at the beginning of 2020


people in the workforce plan to leave their job in the next twelve months.

There is a global leadership crisis that began before the pandemic. When ill-equipped employees are promoted to leadership positions, it causes a ripple effect on their teams reducing engagement rates and increasing turnover. Strong leadership has never been more needed with 8 out of 10 employees globally reporting being disengaged at work.

Our 2020 State of Emotional Intelligence Report indicates that leaders with high levels of EI create a climate in which information sharing, trust, healthy risk-taking and learning flourish. Low levels of EI, however, create climates rife with fear and anxiety, encouraging people to look for work elsewhere.

Mindful and emotionally intelligent leadership skills help you to achieve clarity about what is important to you while garnering a deeper understanding of the world (and people) around you. Leaders who cultivate these skills stay motivated and calm amid turbulence understand how to have difficult conversations with compassion and empower people to perform their best.


Emotional intelligence is an essential skill set for leaders who will navigate the challenges of the future of work. 

Take a look at the resources below to discover the many ways emotional intelligence can help you develop leadership skills to meet the challenges ahead.

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