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We are constantly distracted, and it’s easy to become stressed out, burned out and overwhelmed. Today’s leaders face unprecedented rates of change in industries that range from manufacturing to technology or the financial sector—and many people don’t have the skills to navigate these demands successfully.


Data from Search Inside Yourself programs show significant improvements across many dimensions.


SIY participants reported less emotional drain after the program

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I highly recommend SIY to anyone looking to improve the way their team works together, enhance their innovative thinking and clarity, reduce stress, improve general well-being, manage difficult conversations and be generally more at peace.
Barry Margerum,
Chief Strategy Officer Plantronics


SIY participants reported a greater ability to focus and be more effective.

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After attending the SIYLI program, I am much more aware of being present and how the space that breathing offers taps into the ability to focus and listen during my interactions.
Khatiza Van Savage,
Chief Happiness Architect at Insightful Learning Journeys


Participants were better able to maintain calm and poise during challenges.

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I would highly recommend the Search Inside Yourself program as part of any leadership development curriculum. The content and case studies were relevant and accessible to a business audience. We were able to incorporate the exercises into our work immediately.
Karen Hershenson, Studio Leader at Procter & Gamble

Benefits of Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

In addition to the results we see directly from Search Inside Yourself programs, the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence have been researched for many years.

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Mindfulness leads to greater well-being.

The connection between mindfulness and well-being has been a consistent finding in almost 10 years of research. One study found that two weeks of mindfulness training increased well-being, decreased emotional exhaustion at work, and even increased job satisfaction (Hulsheger et al., 2012).

Mindfulness has been found to increase brain cortex thickness and activation in regions associated with emotional awareness and emotion management (Tang et al., 2015)

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Emotional intelligence correlates with better teamwork and leadership.

Training in the emotional intelligence skill of compassion has been shown to reduce interpersonal stress and improve relationships (Singer 2016; Kok et al. 2013).

Greater Emotional intelligence has been correlated with higher manager and leader performance (Kerr, Garvin, Heaton, & Boyle, 2006; Rosete & Ciarrochi, 2005).

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Mindfulness can lead to more creative and innovative thinking.

In a survey conducted by the Institute of Mindful Leadership, 93% of leaders reported that mindfulness training helped them create space for innovation, and nearly 70% said it helped them to think strategically (Institute for Mindful Leadership Survey).

Mindfulness can create better organizations.

Recent research reveals that these benefits add up to make an impact on organizational culture and effectiveness. Most compelling of these comes from insurance giant Aetna, which developed an internal mindfulness training programs with much support from their CEO Mark Bertolini.

reduction in stress levels
minute increase in production each week
lower healthcare costs
saved per year based on gained productivity
employees have participated so far

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