Disney 8-Week Challenge: Week 4 (March 12 - 18)

You've arrived at Week 4 of the 8-Week Challenge!  

This week we continue the theme of "Looking Inward," and the practices focus mostly on developing Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

Remember, if you've missed a day, that's okay - just restart on the current day of the program!

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Week 4 - Day 1  [Monday, March 12]

Complete a 3-minute Open Awareness practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 4 - Day 2  [Tuesday, March 13]

Dedicated Practice: Simply Stopping

Integrated Practice: Try a 'Minute to Arrive' practice.  When you start a new activity today, maybe a work meeting, maybe a meal, practice stopping and practicing one minute of silence to give yourself time to stop and become more present to this next activity.

Reflection Questions
What impact did stopping and practicing a minute of silence have on your next activity?

Week 4 - Day 3  [Wednesday, March 14]

Complete a 3-minute Focused Attention practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 4 - Day 4  [Thursday, March 15]

Dedicated Practice: Relieving Stress

Integrated Practice: Pick an activity today that has the potential to trigger you or cause you stress.  Perhaps it’s a commute to work, or a particular job or activity, or possibly an interaction with a difficult person.  When you begin that activity, make a commitment to notice any trigger or stress response and try using SBNRR (Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, Respond) to navigate the activity.

Reflection Questions
What were the signals that a trigger response or stress was present?
What parts of SBNRR were easy for you?  Difficult?  
How did practicing SBNRR impact the outcome of the situation?

Week 4 - Day 5  [Friday, March 16]

Complete a 3-minute Body Scan practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 4 - Day 6  [Saturday, March 17]

Dedicated Practice: Self Compassion

Integrated Practice: Write for 2 full minutes for each journaling prompt below.  Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.

Journaling Prompts
1. Areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are …
2. If I were more forgiving of these areas, it would allow me to …

Week 4 - Day 7  [Sunday, March 18]

Complete a 3-minute Open Awareness practice... OR

... use this as a rest day from practices or to redo one of the guided or integrated practices from weeks 3 & 4.

Buddy Reminder:

If you have a practice partner or "buddy," now is a great time to check in again!