Disney 8-Week Challenge: Week 3 (March 5 - 11)

Welcome to Week 3 of the 8-Week Challenge!  

The theme for the next two weeks is "Looking Inward," and the practices focus mostly on developing Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

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Week 3 - Day 1  [Monday, March 5]

Dedicated Practice: Focused Attention    
Integrated Practice: Try a mindful listening practice today.  In your next conversation or meeting, practice putting all of your attention on the person(s) with whom you are speaking. 

Reflection Questions:
What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you?

Week 3 - Day 2  [Tuesday, March 6]

Complete a 3-minute Open Awareness practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 3 - Day 3  [Wednesday, March 7]

Dedicated Practice: Whole Body Breathing 
Integrated Practice: During a transition time today (e.g. between meetings at work, just before entering your house, just before going to bed), pause and take a whole body breath.

Reflection Question:
How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude?

Week 3 - Day 4  [Thursday, March 8]

Complete a 3-minute Focused Attention practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 3 - Day 5  [Friday, March 9]

Dedicated Practice: Open Awareness

Integrated Practice: Write for 2 full minutes for each journaling prompt below.  Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.

Journaling Prompts: Practice using an open-awareness mindset as you respond to the following journaling  prompts:

1. Some effects of this practice period for me have been …
2. What I’m surprised about in my life right now is …

Week 3 - Day 6  [Saturday, March 10]

Complete a 3-minute Body Scan practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 3 - Day 7  [Sunday, March 11]

Dedicated Practice: Body Scan

Integrated Practice: In your next meeting or conversation with someone today, try listening mindfully while also putting some attention on your body language & your breathing.  

Reflection Questions
How does the way you use your body impact how you feel?   
How others respond?  How does attention on your body language and breathing impact your communication?

Buddy Reminder:

If you have a practice partner or "buddy," now is a great time to check in again!